Circular pasture-based dairy production.

On the Solohead Research Farm in Ireland, Teagasc Livestock Systems are testing systems of pasture-based dairy production with minimal external inputs, and as much internal circularity as possible. 


Solohead Farm is a hub in a network of 30 commercial Low Carbon Dairy Farms (LCD farms) who wants to implement similar practices for economic and environmental reasons. Recent inflation in input prices has accelerated this aspect of the project. 

“As a part of the CircAgric-GHG project we are measuring the economic and environmental impacts of the transition taking place on these LCD farms”, explains Dr. James Humphreys, Principal Research Officer at Solohead Research farm. 

Last year, more than 1000 farmers visited Solohead, to exchange knowledge and learn from each other. 

In the following are some pictures from activities at Solohead.


By: Anette Tjomsland Spilling
Photos: James Humphreys
Published: 17.04.24.