Increased and improved use of pastoral land can promote a more sustainable meat production

Illustration of remote sensing made by Eugenio Carlon.

Evaluating local foraging resources in Italy using remote sensing and productivity modelling. In the Italian Alps, the use of mountain pastures and traditional pastoral methods is on the decline. Researchers at the University of Milan are studying traditional alpine pastoralism and investigating circularity in this system.  Machine learning classification techniques combine information from optical and […]

Measures to lower carbon footprint from dairy farms

Picture describing the largest emission sources of 71 European dairy farms. 1: Eneric fermenation. 2. Concentrate feed production. 3. Emissions from manure management.

Researchers have assessed the carbon footprints of dairy farms in 5 European countries. Farm management practices explained up to 79% of the variation in carbon footprints, which implies potential for lowering emissions. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology was used to calculate the environmental impacts of milk production on 71 farms in Ireland, England, Spain, France […]

Sheep spending the entire year on pastures have a lower Carbon Footprint

Transhumant systems can reduce the carbon footprint (CF) from sheep production by almost one third, compared to sedentary farms. Photo: Raquel Casas.

Pasture can reduce carbon footprint from sheep production by almost one third. Transhumant sheep systems, both by foot and lorry, achieve relatively low carbon footprint, compared to sedentary farms. Mobility of grazing livestock can thus be considered as a strategy to promote climate change mitigation.   This is the conclusion in a research paper from […]

Measuring the economic and environmental impact of low carbon dairy farms

Circular pasture-based dairy production. On the Solohead Research Farm in Ireland, Teagasc Livestock Systems are testing systems of pasture-based dairy production with minimal external inputs, and as much internal circularity as possible.    Solohead Farm is a hub in a network of 30 commercial Low Carbon Dairy Farms (LCD farms) who wants to implement similar […]

Cows eating left-overs from bakery products may produce more sustainable milk

Bakery by-product used in trial.

Bakery by-products as feed ingredient for lactating cows may increase milk production and lower global warming potential. An Italian case study shows promising results for adding bakery by-products as a feed ingredient to lactating cows’ diet.  In Italy, dairy farms experience severe crisis due to economic speculation and climate change. This is challenging the sustainability […]

Two workshops with Norwegian farmers about circular agriculture

Workshop with Norwegian farmers at Tynset, about circular farming.

What do farmers perceive as barriers, possibilities, and solutions to circular agriculture? The CircAgric-project conducted two workshops with farmers in Norway in October and November (2023). The farmers were prompted with questions about how to enhance circular agriculture, on-farm, and between farms.    Circular agriculture involves strategies for better utilization of resources and nutrients, reduced […]

UK Workshops with industry, policy representatives, and farmers

Opportunities and barriers to adopting circular practices in UK agriculture. Dialogue with stakeholders is an important part of the CircAgric-GHG project. Project partner Bangor University have arranged two online workshops with industry and policy representatives, and interviews (online and on-farm) with farmers. Opportunities and barriers to adopting circular practices in UK agriculture were explored, and […]

Mid-term project meeting in Galway

Mid-term project meeting in Galway, Ireland.

Circ-Agric mid-term meeting were held in Galway, Ireland. During the meeting, we visited a dairy farm that is part of the project to James Humphreys, Teagasc. James is following 20+ farms to introduce and include circular practices. The farm we visited has very few inputs and focus more on milk solids than milk yield in […]

Measurements of methane and CO2 from the barn at NIBIO Tjøtta​

Drones that measure methane and CO2 respectively at a height of about 20 metres above the barn, which houses between 60-70 cows, at NIBIO Tjøtta, august 2023.

Researchers use drones with advanced measurement equipment to estimate greenhouse gas emissions from the ground. In August 2023, Norbert Pirk and Alouette van Hove from the University of Oslo(UiO) visited NIBIO Tjøtta. They used drones that measure methane and CO2 respectively at a height of about 20 metres above the barn, which houses between 60-70 […]

Circular Agriculture to improve sustainable food production

A circular agricultural system—production, processing and consumption waste and by-products are recovered and reused/recycled as inputs (represented by the dashed lines). Made by Ffion Evans.

VIDEO: Circular Agriculture aims to reduce external inputs to farms whilst maintaining production and profits. In the past mixed crop livestock farming, a system that grows crops and raise livestock on the same farm, was common. However, driven by economy competitiveness and agricultural policy, production has become more specialized and less connected. This video summarize […]