Measuring the economic and environmental impact of low carbon dairy farms

Circular pasture-based dairy production. On the Solohead Research Farm in Ireland, Teagasc Livestock Systems are testing systems of pasture-based dairy production with minimal external inputs, and as much internal circularity as possible.    Solohead Farm is a hub in a network of 30 commercial Low Carbon Dairy Farms (LCD farms) who wants to implement similar […]

Cows eating left-overs from bakery products may produce more sustainable milk

Bakery by-product used in trial.

Bakery by-products as feed ingredient for lactating cows may increase milk production and lower global warming potential. An Italian case study shows promising results for adding bakery by-products as a feed ingredient to lactating cows’ diet.  In Italy, dairy farms experience severe crisis due to economic speculation and climate change. This is challenging the sustainability […]